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Bellisario and Glen A. Larson, not to me. Just borrowing them and speculating on their Women seeking clit Thailand lives. Summary: Magnum and Rick become lovers and deal with the outcome, including the reaction of their friends and their Mistrses feelings. This story was evidently set during the first season of 'Magnum P. Part Five "God, Thomas, it's been days!

He pulled the tall man down to him for a long kiss.

Mistress magnum

It's so great to see you. Then Magnum glanced around the room; Rick's apartment was, as usual, neat and cozy.

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The lights were Mistdess and candles glowed across the carpeted floor, casting interesting patterns. Magnum breathed in, picking up more sensory information; something delicious smelling was simmering somewhere. Do you know it's been three days since we made these plans? I hate to disappoint you, but I think I'll fall asleep the minute my head magnim the pillow. Don't worry about it. Just havin' ya' here Mistress magnum enough. But before you go to dreamland, you're gonna eat my dinner.

I brought it in from the Club, and it's all ready to go. Just sit down North Pomfret Vermont amature teens looking for sex I'll get you a beer -- or a Scotch, if you want. Then he handed it to him, pausing to caress Magnum's Mistresa head before heading for the kitchen.

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Magnum took a swallow Wake up sex and shower meandered over the carpet to the sideboard where the candles stood in a large candelabra; he studied them for several seconds, his mind wandering. He was so tired. He glanced around again to keep his eyes from closing. On the table next to him was a book, lying open, face down. He shook his head, smiling, ready to berate Rick for his treatment of the small volume.

Then he saw the title and remained quiet. He wondered what Rick was doing with a play by William Shakespeare.

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Magmum hardly seemed anything he would be interested in. Glancing quickly at the exposed s, Magnum noticed a marked passage; Rick had evidently underlined the words in ink. Magnum read with curiosity: "Give me my Romeo: and, when he shall die, Take him and cut him out Misttess little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night And pay no worship to the garish sun. Then he heard Mistress magnum in the next room and carefully replaced the volume where he had maggnum it.

Magnum stood Horney women Covington Kentucky and walked slowly to the table. Small dishes of steaming food were spread across the white cloth; the smell aroused his appetite, and he sat down eager to eat.

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Rick smiled over at him, watching his reaction. He let his face show his appreciation in a grin that curled his mustache.

Rick passed him the delicious magnun that had been prepared in the kitchen of the King Kamehameha Club, and he began to eat, slowly, enjoying every bite. Just eat up. There's plenty here. He was surprised at how hungry he was; he had been so tired that he hadn't noticed his empty stomach. Magnum sat back with a sigh. I'm stuffed.

Mistress magnum

What's wrong with you? You look beat.

I think we're due for a storm, damn it," Rick said, changing the subject. He Mistreess his stomach curl inside; it was silly, he thought. He wasn't afraid of storms. Rick was the one who hated them. Then he yawned, widely. Let's go. It never does pay to get into a rut, y'know. When Rick pulled back the fresh bedding, he flopped down, still clothed, Meet people for sex illmo missouri his Mistress magnum.

As Magnum lay, stretching out, Rick stripped him, pushing and pulling the large body as much as necessary. Magnum giggled when he was finally naked. I'll wake you up in a few hours for something else.

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He fell heavily asleep almost immediately, dreaming of his recent case. He had been hired to locate an accused mugger who had jumped bail, Mistreess it had involved a lot of tiring legwork and rough contact with equally rough individuals. The suspect had turned out to be an extremely unpleasant type, who had not taken kindly to Magnum's dragging him back to the courts. He had threatened Magnum several times, and now Magnum found himself dreaming about the man's revenge, which was ugly and brutal, reminiscent of the recent crop of cult horror films which Rick found so horrifying, but so compelling.

Magnum came awake with a start, perspiration beading on his face. Mistresw breathed deeply several times, shaking the dream from his mind. Outside the wind was howling loudly, an unwelcome contribution to his nightmare. It was ridiculous to dream about Hot women Rio de janeiro looking for fun an unimportant person, he told himself.

Mistress magnum

He certainly had nothing to fear. Still, it took several seconds for his heart to slow to normal. Gusts of rain soaked wind hit the Club, and Magnum found himself worried about Rick. The small man had always had a fear of storms - at Mistress magnum for as long as Magnum had known him. The monsoons and crachin rains in Vietnam had bothered him more than he had ever been willing to admit, although his buddies were all well aware of the fear.

For a while Magnum had believed that the occasional flooding in Mistress magnum had been the cause of the fear, but later he wondered if it wasn't something more deeply rooted, begun in Rick's childhood. Regardless of the reason, Rick was invariably well lubricated during a storm, a coincidence that Rick's superiors -- as well as his friends -- had chosen to politely ignore.

Magnum crawled out of bed, intending to go and find Rick. Frazer-MT looking for sex sound of flesh smacking into flesh and the Vitrolles for sexy woman of glass breaking downstairs started his blood rushing again. He silently but quickly padded barefoot across the floor, cursing himself for not having his gun handy, wondering where Rick kept his.

Slowly he opened the door, listening.

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When he heard Rick's groan, he felt a flash of fear and anger; forgetting his nakedness, he moved carefully from the bedroom. At the top of the stairs Magnum stopped. Four pairs of eyes were looking up at him. One pair belonged to the man he loved; the other three were unfamiliar and hostile.

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Magnum took a deep mwgnum. They had evidently been expecting him. Or maybe in the balls," one of the intruders said. Magnum grimaced, his eyes seeking Rick's. Blood was trickling from the side of Rick's mouth, and he could see that Rick's expensive shirt was ripped. Anger flooded him again; it was one Misress Rick's favorite shirts. One of the men stepped forward.

We don't like you, cop. He reached over and wrenched at Rick's arm. Y'know," he said, addressing this last to his companions. He's short on top of bein' fucking ugly. He mganum his hands out in front of him, but his eyes watched for an opening -- Naked woman in Van buren Ohio way to get both himself and Rick out of this.

Only one of the men had a Mistress magnum, at least as far as he could see. The other two, however, looked extremely well muscled. If I was a fag, I might go for you myself. I bet it's shorty here.

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He was the one doin' the dishes. You're the pussy. He Mistrss past the man with the gun, halfway expecting to feel a bullet. He groaned as a burst of pain at Free sex Foxboro Wisconsin back of his head lifted his feet from under him; he fell to the floor hard, pistol-whipped. Then it'll be his turn. His head was spinning, sickeningly. He felt like retching up his dinner.

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