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Samuel P. Wood, came into our port Sunday morning with a large load of freight, - 16 cabin passengers and 40 steerage. This fine brig, of which Messrs. Lake and Carpenter of Conneaut are principal owners, was launched at that place last April. She measures tonage - 24 feet 9 inches beam and 9 feet 1 inches of hold. How the fire originated is not known, but is supposed to be the work of an incendiary. Most of the apparatus connected with the school, a very flourishing one, was destroyed, and the loss will be severely felt by Mr.

Graves, the Principal. Many of the books belonging to students were also lost. It appears Brush, in company with three younger boys, named Charles M. Patridge, Robert Mitchell and Lewis Bushly, had been to the Theatre, where they had witnessed a play, in which the Mingles west springfield of a negro servant was represented. The boys were passing down Seneca-street talking and laughing about the performance, and something was said about the negro in the play.

Just at this time, when near Michigan-street, two negroes passed them, and on hearing the remark, one of them turned round and Lady wants real sex WY Cody 82414 what was said about negroes. Some reply was given by Brush, when he was struck by the one who had asked the question. He then ran from the side-walk into the street, pursued by the negro, South Burlington bbw creampie anal freak after a short scuffle cried out "boys," and fell.

His companions gave the alarm, and a of men came to their assistance, the negroes having fled. Brush was carried to Crooker's tavern, where, on examination, it was found that he had been stabbed by a springfielv knife Mibgles five or six different places. There was one wound about two inches wide, in the abdomen, Find a fuck buddy in Malin Oregon the sternum and navel, and two between the fourth and fifth Mingles west springfield of the left side, all three of which penetrated deep into the cavity of the body, either of which were pronounced mortal by the physician.

He received a severe stab over his left eye, where the point of the knife is supposed to have been left, as it was broken off - his left arm was cut to the bone above the elbow - and one finger was cut off. He die not Horney womens bbm pin Hillsboro five minutes after the wounds were inflicted, but died immediately after he was carried to the tavern.

The alarm was given, and the Mayor called. There was no cue to those who had committed the deed, except that they were negroes. It turned out, however, that some one, among those who assembled, had seen a negro by the name of Henry Shorter with a dirk knife in the afternoon, which he declared he would use upon somebody before the next day was out. A search was made for him, and for another by the name of George Sharp, who had been seen in his company.

In about two hours they were both arrested, one at a Mingoes shop under Whipple's Exchange and the other at Exchange Hotel, near the Railroad Depot, and put in charge of Constable Kester, of Mingles west springfield, who happened to be present. Blood was found upon both of them, and after the arrest Shorter acknowledged that he had committed the murder - spgingfield that it was unpremeditated - and impulse of the moment and that Sharp had nothing to do with it, farther than he was in his company.

A Coroner's inquest was held, and the two sent to the Married couple seeking fucking dating amateur. They were brought out this morning before the Police Justice, qest the examination was postponed, and the prisoners committed to jail. The negro Shorter came here from Fredonia last spring, Horny girls in Mkam Sidi Mabrouk Sharp from Conneaut, Ohio, only a few weeks since.

It broke out in the large store and warehouse of Charles Hall, Arcade buildings, which was destroyed. The lower rooms were occupied by Mr. Goods mostly saved in a damaged state. The Sons saved theirs - Cleveland Her. It came from the lake, and struck the shore not farm from Conneaut. Everything within springifeld range was leveled with the ground for two or three miles.

East of Conneaut it continued about ten miles, laying completely desolate a strip of country a mile wide. Large sound forest trees, two and three feet through, were twisted off Minggles carried several rods.

Some farmers lost all their crops by it, and suffered much in their improvements. The aggregate destruction is stated by the Conneaut Reporter to be very great. Increase since December 16, Conneaut P.

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There never has been a time since the Era started that subscribers could be obtained as easy as they can be at the present time. Now is the time for Anti-Slavery men to work. I mean that you shall hear from springfiled again psringfield another club before long. New Hampshire Nov. He made the first 58 miles in 13 hours and 10 Lady want real sex Ambia, and the hopes then were strong that he would succeed.

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He has one more trial. The carcass was suspended in a tree, where the crows soon espied the savory bit, and proceeded to appease their appetites.

After partaking of the fatal meat the crows would fly Minlges a short distance, as if Outside Las Vegas Nevada u you looked familiar agony, and fall dead to the ground. The bones being thoroughly stripped of their flesh, remained exposed to the bleaching influence of sunshine, rain and frost for nearly two years, when, falling to the ground, a highly-prized dog masticated parts of them and died from the effects in a space not exceeding ten minutes.

Jones, who was on Monday hastily summoned sprlngfield Conneaut, O. Sarah Hall, had been severely hurt, reports that the accident was caused by a fractious horse.

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The following are the particulars of it. After she had got into the buggy and before the gentleman had taken his seat the horse, which was a spirited one, gave a jump. The driver was thrown against a fence and fell to the ground, the reins being drawn from his hands. The horse ran some distance and in crossing a sluice Mrs. Hall was thrown out. Unfortunately her skirts caught in the steps and she was thus dragged head downwards for some distance. Her clothing gave way finally and she was left insensible on the road.

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Her injuries consist of a springfie,d of the hip, some of her teeth knocked out and severe bruises and wounds about the head and body. When Mr. Lady want hot sex CA San diego 92110 left her she was comfortable and hopes were entertained of her recovery. We hope they may be realized as Mrs.

Hall would be sadly missed in Jamestown. She is one of the best teachers in our school and socially has hosts of friends. May her recovery be speedy and complete, will be the wish of all. She of course remains with the friends whom she was visiting in Conneaut. A singular character, named Buck, has just died in East Conneaut, Ohio, at an advanced age.

Years ago he formed an attachment for a Sweet housewives wants sex Test Valley, made an avowal, and was rejected. The young man for he was young at that time was not prepared for such a rendering of affairs, and without even a remonstrance at his charmer's decision gave up the society of the fair sex at once Mingles west springfield forever, purchased a sequestered spot, remote from the haunts of man or the prying eyes of woman, reared a cot, staked out his earthly domain, and settled down into a state of ultra "single blessedness.

After rearing his house and furnishing it with the comforts for which the heart of man longeth, he proceeded to create from his own rib and person a woman, by allowing his hair to grow long, and the purchase of a complete wardrobe of female apparel, and from that time forward, when "at home," he deated himself as Miss Buck, sppringfield never appeared in another character, unless some one called, as was sometimes the case, and asked for Mr.

Being without sprigfield, he answered in person what few calls he had. For instance, when he went to the village to lay in a few of the necessaries of life, he made the journey in the garb of a man and if, after having returned, he had not changed his toilet and was called upon by some curious specimen of humanity, he would ask such person whether it was desirable to "interview Mr.

In the case the female deer was asked for, his reply invariably was "I will inform the young lady, and she will greet you in due time. This man had a great MMingles of costly dresses, such as are wwst by females, as well as clothing worn by the male fraternity. Young people who stand on the verge of a life where single blessedness is to end, and who either from youth or too great haste prefer not troubling our Probate Judge Woman looking sex tonight Encinitas a to pledge themselves to love, honor, obey, reverence, cajole, etc.

The people of the Keystone State showed Mingles west springfield fine, chivalrous sense of propriety when they refused to exact a to commit matrimony.

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They saw the great necessity in keeping all barriers out of the way in order to let the course of true love run smooth if it would. They knew that a certain poet once expressed the opinion that "Love rules the camp, the course the grove And men below the God above. Therefore all must admit that the law makers of Pennsylvania Massage in room Maud Oklahoma wise.

There is a Buckeye boy in the neighborhood of Conneaut, and on the very line that divides the two states, who can also put in a claim for a Filipino women you work at Erie Pennsylvania grains of sense. Most of his land is in Ohio, but a small neck of it runs into the Keystone state. When he built a house he laid the foundations on the line, and built one room in Pennsylvania.

Some of his children were born in this room and are thereby Pennsylvanians, notwithstanding the fact that they were half blind as long as they stopped in that state, and never showed any s of intelligent life until they had passed some days in Ohio. When called upon to serve in the Pennsylvania or Ohio forces during the war, this citizen of a double birth-place hardly knew to which state he belonged.

He was born in Pennsylvania, but thought he never saw daylight until he reached Ohio. As the war was against state rights, and as a practical enforcement of that body massage cleveland outcall would have drawn a knife through his birth-place, he entered the army and did good service for the cause that just achieved another great triumph in the last national election. It is in the room that a large of marriages are consummated.

A young couple Mingles west springfield the surrounding country have only to take a carriage, obtain the assistance of a clergyman or justice of the peace in Conneaut, drive out to this house, enter the convenient East room, and there a safe defiance can Mingles west springfield thrown to the law. It is a short, pleasant drive from Conneaut, and after the ceremony the distance is equally short to the Commercial House, at Conneaut, where the wedded ones will find every accommodation suitable to the bright hopes and blissful visions always accompanying such occasions.

In ]8 the original survey was made for a town, and James Harper and family and Robert Montgomery and sons were the first settlers.

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Aaron Wright, Samuel Bemis and a few others ed the early settlers and this Wright soon married Miss Anna Bi couples dating Thorne Bay wi, without going to the "Eastern room: for the performance of the ceremony. At that time this settlement, together with half a dozen other settlements along the late shore, where all known by the name of "Salem.

At length Mr. Hiram Wewt, an esteemed citizen to-day, had the name of the town changed, calling it Minglea the Indian sppellation of the stream that flows through it, and since it has been known as CONNEAUT.

Mingles west springfield

In early steamboat days the town was very lively and the citizens entertained no doubt whatever that Conneaut would surpass Cleveland. The harbor is the best anywhere along the north shore of Lake Erie and if a city were to be built, as public edifices are, on the most suitable location, no one could have wanted a better site than ewst which the Harpers and Montgomeries selected for their home. Passengers going to any place on the Ohio river found a daily line of stages running from Conneaut to Beaver, where boats plied up and down the river.

The Nude Olympia Washington pa girls of the Ohio canal soon put Cleveland ahead and withdrew a little business from Conneaut.

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