Charlotte Video Production

With a marketing or promotional video you can “wow” potential customers or clients with a high-impact, visual presentation that dramatically showcases your business. No other medium can compare when it comes to demonstrating your unique selling points. For example, a promotional video can be looped on DVD or computer to continuously run your in-store or trade-show display.


When you need your company to stand out from the rest, Vittorio Film & Photo is here to help. Whether it's a web-based video, TV Commercial or presentation, our goal is to deliver your message in the most effective way while making you and your brand look your best. We offer 4K & HD (High-Definition) formats for any project -- as well as 24p for that 16mm look.


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Instructional & Training Videos


Today, an instruction manual alone just isn’t enough. Employees need visual stimulation to help them understand protocol and “fast track” their learning process. What’s more, an instructional or training video can help improve learning by offering step-by-step audio and visual prompters.


"The training video you produced for us helped increase our sales 300%"

Ron Merritt

Senior Vice President, Sales & Service Localedge.com


DVD's and web based video's offer the interactivity that is key to the learning process. What’s more, your viewers can return to chapters or sections within the DVD easily and at any time for a quick review. Web based instructional video's lower the cost of delivery and overcomes the need for centralized location-based training. All you need to do is author it once, and you can deploy it anywhere.

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Corporate Event Videography

Throwing a successful corporate event is a tough job. Event planners do everything they can to make sure everything runssmoothly from booking the venue to hiring the right caterer to sending out the invitations. Many business leaders will also request a photographer, but a lot of times they fail to budget for the one thing that will draw more people to the event and 

engage them after it’s over… the corporate event video. Whether it’s the arrival of a VIP visitor or a conference, seminar, awards night or meeting, we can help.


Any of these events are a major investment and creating a highlight video is an ideal way to optimise the benefits of your event. It’s not just a great way to capture a one off event forever, but your video will allow it to live long after the attendees have left and also serve as a valuable tool to generate attendance for your next event. Call today to see how we can help take your event to the next level 704-650-5258

Music Videos

So many bands and musicians have had success through viral music video outlets like Youtube and Vimeo. The demand for video is only increasing so it’s time for you to get in on the action. Youtube is still the second largest search engine in the world, and in case you forgot... that’s how Justin Bieber was discovered!

You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a sharp looking, professionally-produced music video – but if you’re just getting started, you probably can’t afford that. That’s no excuse for bypassing music videos altogether though. As a musician, you can’t afford not to have them these days. That's where Vittorio Film & Photo can help! We offer music video services for productions and budgets of all size. Our 4K cameras can capture and deliver the visual representation that your music deserves. For a quote and to learn more, give us a call 704-650-5258


Aerial Video & Photography

Vittorio Film & Photo offers affordable aerial photography, virtual tours, and HD aerial video. We service many industries including commercial and residential real estate, construction, roofing contractors and anyone in need of high-quality aerial drone photos, video, and media in Charlotte, NC.

Low level drone aerial photos provide an overall picture not possible from the ground. It’s a great way to showcase a home or property, as well as compliment existing ground-based photos in promotional marketing materials. Construction and engineering firms can benefit from aerial progress photos and finished project shots for portfolios. 

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